Format Mimicking Could Cost You Your Adsense Account

Mimicking Could Cost You Your Adsense Account

those of you that don’t know what format mimicking is in adsense context, it is
mostly about conditioning your ads and content in a way that it encourages accidental
clicks and draws attention to the ads.
you want to learn more about this issue you can read about it here.
you are done with reading it, I want you to know that this act whether done
intentionally or not can get you banned with adsense.

know you value this source of income because adsense still remain one of the
highest, if not the highest, paying PPC firms.
Google will try to contact you and advise you to make changes in your ad
settings. This is why it is important that you have at least one means of
contact on your site.
normally, having your site draw enough attention for the google gods to notice
and contact you directly means that you probably will still get banned.
am not speaking from experience but from stories I get from former adsense
if you really know what getting banned means then you know that getting back
your ads serving reactivated is not going to be a cakewalk.
now what can you do about it. First I will advise you to take away every third
party ads away from your site. At least to show the google guys that you are
dedicated to them.
since we are talking about format mimicking here I will advise you to take away
your current adsense unit.
also have to understand that it goes way more than colors of your ads. I can be
about how your blog is arranged. Maybe it is drawing too much attention to the
ads which is against adsense policies.
You have to create new ad units and ensure
that the colors are not like the former one.

If you do the right things, you might escape
the google axe and keep your adsense. But if your account has already been
banned, then making the necessary changes in your blog and appealing can get
you your account back.
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