Soldier and policemen fighting in GTB banking hall cause pandemonium

Soldier and policemen fighting in banking hall cause pandemonium

Customers who went to the Guarantee Trust Bank along Calabar Road got more than they bargained for as they when a fight broke out between a soldier and some four mobile policemen inside the bank at about 11am Tuesday.

It could not be ascertained what the cause of the squabble was, but a canister of tear gas was shot inside the filled banking hall, leading to pandemonium as customers fled the burning sensation.

A couple of the policemen and the soldier sustained injuries. The uniform of the soldier was torn.

Soon after more armed mobile and regular policemen arrived the bank in trucks demanding for the soldier who was inside the bank.

A few moments later a deployment of soldiers in trucks also landed leading to sporadic shooting into the air, as on looking bystanders and passersby scampered for safety.

After a while they all got inside they bank, to sort themselves out, after which they got out and left in their vehicles.