Nigerians react to Aisha Buhari calling Gov Fayose a Mad Dog

Nigerians react to Aisha Buhari calling Gov Fayose a Mad Dog

Several Nigerians took to social media to react to yesterday night’s outburst of President Muhammadu Buhari’s wife, Aisha Buhari, after she took to Twitter to call governor of Ekiti state, Ayodele Fayose an “unchained mad dog.”

Nigerians react to Aisha Buhari calling Gov Fayose a Mad Dog 2

She however deleted the Tweets later.

 She was reacting to allegation by Fayose that she was mentioned in the Halliburton scandal that led to the imprisonment of Congressman Williams Jefferson in the United States of America.

See reactions of Nigerians below…

Aisha Buhari attacks Fayose: Nigerians react to ‘mad dog’ outburst

  1. Everybody that has been talking about Mrs Aisha Buhari here made use of the same word, CLASS!
  2. Lol Buhari and his wife is a joke. Aisha Buhari has just deleted her shameless tweets
  3. Aisha Buhari at 45 wants to Tame ” a mad dog.”
  4. This Aisha Buhari’s tweet is going to further weaken the Naira tomorrow. LOL
  5. Tomorrow, Lai (Lying) Mohammed will tell us Aisha buhari’s account was hacked
  6. See a first lady on AIT… see beauty, see brain, see fluent English, see class, see honesty… Aisha Buhari is a lady and worth being FIRST
  7. Aisha Buhari has not received an inch of what Dame Patience Jonathan got. Yet she calls a SW Gov “Mad dog” and some Yorubas are cheering? ?
  8. Ayodele Fayose must be doing something right to get this sort of response from the REAL Aisha Buhari

    Game on!

  9. Not condemning Aisha Buhari o! If she likes she should throway brassiere sef.

    If Nigeria cannot uplift us, at least it should entertain us.

  10. 2moro Lai Mohammed will say the reason for the Tweetfight is that Aisha buhari refused to do RT4RT with fayose
  11. Ayeesha curry and Aisha Buhari both fight for their men (even on social media) get you an Aisha.
  12. Wailers are pained more cus its the truth,an incapable gov,who cant pay salaries or lead is obviously a mad dog,wish she said more @Ayourb
  13. If I were Aisha Buhari instead of calling Fayose a mad dog, I will tell my husband to probe the Halliburton scandal or I seek divorce!
  14. Aisha buhari is not a model to use as first lady. PEJ received more backlash than this but she never called anybody mad dog.

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