How do I identify what makes me feel bad and sad?

How do I identify what makes me feel bad and sad?

How do I identify what makes me feel bad and sad?
Sometimes you get to see people getting angry at others for no sensible reason. When you ask them what their problem is they tend to tell you that they don’t know.
Some people find themselves in bad moods all the time and can’t tell why they feel this way.
Some others know that they have some issues that hurt them and need attention but can’t identify the one that hurt them the most and causes them to be in bad mood all the time.
Well, if you find yourself in this situation then there are things you can do to deal with the situation.
The truth about not being able to identify what is causing you to feel bad all the time is that for you to feel better, you just have to start attending to every known problems in your life.

Why some people feel bad and frustrated all the time

Some people just have bad mojo and are always frowning and in a bad mood. You don’t want to mistakenly step on their toes on you will get a reaction you didn’t bargain for.
Here is what happened that left them in a frustrated state. The sadness, worries and anger you feel are some kind of a message or signals from your subconscious to take actions on certain issues that has to do with you.
There are people that, rather than take action and attend to these issues in their lives, they work hard to ignore these signs and suppress them.
The reality that comes with problem is that the moment you refuse to deal with it, it can only invite more and soon you see yourself in a dip pile of mess without knowing what to do about them.
It is the same with the signals you are getting from your subconscious – as you continue to suppress the signals it is giving you, it increases the intensity and with them, you find out that you are always in a bad mood even falling into depression later.
So you now see why and get the reason why there are people that are always in a bad mood all the time. It is most times about them looking at their lives and realizing that there are so many issues in their lives that need attention and they did not attend to them. Now they don’t know the particular ones that are causing them to be in a bad mood at all times.

How to deal with multiple possible causes of your anger and sadness

When you find yourself faced with a situation where you can’t identify which problem that is causing you to feel sad and bad all the time, what you have to do is start attending to them all.
Here is the nice thing about taking action, you don’t have to solve all of them to start feeling better, the moment you start taking action, you will notice yourself feeling better already.
This is because your subconscious can start sensing that you are doing something about that problem so it sees no need to continue to send you bad emotions as signals.
But if you choose to ignore them and perhaps use alcohol as a means of trying to forget your problems, you will notice that you tend to feel better when drunk, but the moment you get sober the feelings becomes worse causing you to want to drink more to forget them again.
Now here is the reason why you feel worse – you know the truth remains that you have not solved the problems but manage to delay them and secondly you now have a bad habit that tends to be another problem that needs handling and that is becoming an alcohol addict. Alcohol addiction can lead to health problems  or loss of focus which can start affecting every area of your life and productivity.
As a matter of fact it can cause you your marriage, friends and job in extreme cases. If mistakenly you drink and drive, you end up with fines from cops for driving drunk. Looking at the worst case scenario you put your life and that of other citizens in the danger as a result of this.
This is what I mean by unsolved problems giving birth to more problems. It is more about a stitch saving nine. Start now to deal with them and you will notice your life getting better for it. Ignore them and your problems will continue to grow and increase in numbers.
It is only a matter of time before you find yourself sinking in depression all because you have refused to take action when it was due and necessary.
But hey, it is never too late to start now. Take action already and you will see yourself feeling better already.
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