I’m on the verge of getting a tattoo, says popular evangelist Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer, a Christian evangelist, says she’s “on the verge” of getting a tattoo on her shoulder.

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The Christian author and speaker said she is considering making the move just to “push all the religious people off the cliff”.

Speaking during a recent conference, the president of Joyce Meyer Ministries said “it is not boring to serve Christ” while urging her audience not to be restrained by religion.

“Holiness is not legalism. Whatever people used to think holiness was, it just became a mess and a nightmare and really turning a lot of people off,” Meyer said.

“That will just put the religious people on the edge.

“The Bible says in Isaiah 49 that God has a picture of you tattooed on the palm of His hand.

“I’m right on the verge of going and getting a tattoo. I thought I might as well just push all the religious people right off the cliff and just get it over with.

“I belong to the Lord. Why would I do that (get a tattoo)? Just to make religious demons mad, no other reason cos I live in so much bondage from legalism.”

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