Fidelity Bank App Not Working/Can’t login (Solution)

Fidelity Bank App Not Working/Can’t login (Solution)

The issue of downloading fidelity bank app and not being able to login into your account is a common problem.

I for one suffered from it and it was so frustrating that I had to stop trying.

But some people make the mistake of thinking that once you download the app, you can be able to login and see your account balance.

My people, let us not get ourselves involved in the act of iberiberism. Yea I said it, your account with Fidelity bank is not an email address that you can log in from any computer or phone.

If this is so then it would be easy to get hacked.

You need to understand that your bank is doing all they can to protect your money from hackers and sustain their reputation.

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So is you are having problems with fidelity bank app, I will give you a simple advice on how to go about it.

Common Way To Solve Fidelity Bank App Issues

It is as simple as this, ensure you have the original app with you because I hear there are lots of fake ones.

If you log into the fake ones you have automatically handed your account over to yahoo boys and sorry is your name.

Better off, go to your bank and ask them to the official app.

When you have it downloaded, request for internet banking and they will have it opened for you.

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Your login details will be generated for you and you account can become active. Then you can login into your account from the app in your phone.

If you have already done this and still having problems with the app, my brother or sister, this site is not a branch, visit the nearest fidelity bank branch.

I am sure they have the trained men and women who can be of great service to you.

Thanks for reading and do leave me questions in the comment box below.