GTB Bank App Not Working or Logging In (Solution)

GTB Bank App not working or logging (Solution)

Did you download a GTB app from Google play store and it is not working or logging in?

Do you want to start operating your GTB Bank Account from your phone and direction about the app?

Are you interested in learning more about GTB internet banking through the use of their app?

Then you are in the right post because I will short give you the right answer.

It doesn’t matter what the problem is with regards to your app, all you have to know is that your bank controls everything.

So the very answer to this question lies solely with the customer service of any branch closest to you.

When You Download GTB Bank App And Cant Log In

You have to know that before you can use the app you have to first apply for internet banking.

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This again has to be done at the bank.

When you have done so, a login is generated for you including a default pin. You are then asked to use a computer in the banking hall to change your pin to the one only you know.

After that, your first log syncs your account with you particular device, which is that phone you use.

So if you have bought another phone and can’t log, it is possible that their server detected a device change.

When you use your phone, your login code is automatically fixed to your app. All you have to do is enter your password to login.

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So if you are planning on selling that phone, ensure that you wipe it clean so that the new owner does not have access to your bank pin.

Downloading the app alone is not enough to start using internet banking; you need to visit a branch to enable it with your device.

Any other question can be dropped in the comment box below and I will do my best to respond.

But most importantly, I recommend you walk into the nearest branch close to you.

Any GTB bank customer service personnel should be able to help you with your problem.