So Much Anti Aging Tips Online: Do They Really Work?

So Much Anti Aging Tips Online: Do they really work?

For fanatics of anti-aging tips, there is always this search for trending tips on how to draw back the hands of time and maintain that youthful skin for as long as possible.

Though not too crazy about anti-aging tips, I just can’t help but wonder if these creams and pills deliver on their promises even though I haven’t tried any of them.

If you have tried any of them and it worked for you, please let us know my leaving a comment.

In this post I will state what works for me naturally and I think you should give them a trial too.

Results of anti-aging tips are not immediate – but if you stick with them over a long period of time, you will see results.

I believe in personal hygiene and its ability to offer us lots healthy benefits not just improving skin health.

So many factors work together to improve our health. If you do the right things to your body, your skin like every other cell, tissue and organ in your body will benefit from them.

So why not stop killing yourself about the latest anti-aging tips you can find online and apply some if not all of the tips I will recommend in this post.

10 Recommended Natural Ways To Improve Your Skin Health

  1. Ditch the junk foods

If you really love your skin and want what is best for it, then fast food is not the path to take. We can’t deny the fact that it is the most convenient and easily available foods you can find if you don’t have time to cook. But a fast paced lifestyle is not one that you should rely on. Depending on how much you want to maintain your skin health, it is recommended that you take full charge of what goes into your mouth. Ensure that your foods are natural, green and healthy. Healthy foods will help you stay young and beautiful for many years to come. You can’t eat healthy foods and not see the effect on your skin – like I said, maintaining a younger skin is all about doing the right thing.

  1. Say yes to healthy fats

While there is this common drive to get rid of fats in the body, you should know that your skin needs essential fats to maintain the structure and function of cells. Having the right fat is important for your health so change your mentality about everything fat being bad. To get these healthy fats, look for foods that are rich on omega3 and 6 because your body can’t produce them on its own. These fats will help your skin stay hydrated and making them have a soft and radiant complexion. If getting the foods are confusing for you, I think there are supplements that can do the job you can buy.

  1. Limit your cravings for sugar
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You want to keep your skin youthful for as long as possible but can’t get over your craving for sugar – I can tell you that this combination won’t work. Sugar is one sure way to age your skin at lightning speed. Let me give you a brief explanation as to how sugar works against your skin health. Apart from sugar we eat, other starchy foods are converted into more sugar by our digestive system. When sugar is consumed in any form in large quality, they react with protein to create advanced glycation end products. These end products cause the cell structure to harden and your skin to wrinkle. So if you are in the habit of eating too much sugar, I recommend you limit it for the sake of your skin.

  1. Follow a basic skincare routine

I think this is an important step for anyone that is willing to maintain a youthful skin for as long as possible. If you don’t have one, it is never too late to start. The basic steps to take in maintaining your skin are cleansing, toning and moisturizing. The most important word there is “routine” which means you should stick to them possibly every morning and evening. There are skin care products that are right for certain seasons to you ensure that you change them according to your skin type. This is a common mistake that most women often make.

  1. Add exfoliation to the routine

To maintain your skin and make it look fresh and young, exfoliation is one simple path to take. Benefits of exfoliation are shedding dead skin cells, unclogging pores, prevent breakouts and promotion of collagen regeneration. Collagen regeneration is more about providing strength and structure to skin cells. Depending on your age, there are recommended number of times you should exfoliate per week so you should find out what works for you. Some products you can use for better benefits are salicylic, glycolic, alpha or beta hydroxy acids. These are ingredients that are not known to disappoint.

  1. Mode: sunscreen on
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Sun is another force of nature that can either work for or against us – especially for those that have their skin health at heart. Excessive exposure to sunlight can damage your skin, make you age prematurely and even cause skin cancer. This is why protecting your skin is important so as to keep it beautiful as you mature. Wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF 30 or more should get the job done. Sunscreen mode should be in direct relation to weather change.

  1. Consider drinking ionized alkaline water

Free radicals are those atoms that don’t have electrons and are always on the search for other atoms to take electrons from. These atoms that were taken from will not be on an active search for other to take from. This process goes on and on causing a set of chain reaction that can negatively affect our health. Apart from the antioxidant prowess of ionized alkaline water to neutralize this process, it also keeps your body and skin hydrated fast because it can be absorbed easily by body tissues and muscles. There are lots of ways you can go about getting alkaline water but it is recommended that you invest in an alkaline water machine. Apart from your skin health, there are many known health benefits of drinking alkaline water.

  1. Pamper your eyes

We are in a tech age where smartphones, pads and laptops are the common gadgets you can find with people. The first part of the body to bear the grunt is the eyes which is where signs you are getting old shows first. Skin around your eyes is a delicate part of your body which you should take care of and it is possible using home remedies like ice cubes, cucumber slices or tea bags. There are natural eye creams that you can invest in slowing wrinkles and age spots. I think the right time for you to take action is now.

  1. Don’t sleep with makeup on

I don’t care how tired you are after a long day’s activity; you should never sleep with your makeup on if you care about your skin. Professionals will always advised against it, never sleep with your makeup on. The reason is because most makeups are made with tons of oil and bacteria that can damage your skin while you sleep with it. Value your skin and ensure that what makes you beautiful, doesn’t make you old.

  1. Sleep a little more
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There is a reason why sleep experts recommend we get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every day. It is when you sleep that every part of your body gets the opportunity to rejuvenate and repair damaged cells, your skin included. Sleeping is not just about resting; it is about recharging and so it is with trying to deal with the aging effects on your skin. There is a direct link between sleep deprivation and increase in signs of aging. So if you value your skin health, you will also value your sleep time.

There is nothing magical about these ten tips that have been stated here; it is more about doing the right thing to your body and allowing your skin benefit from them. Remember, you might not see the effect almost immediately, you tend to notice that you skin is able to survive the regular wrinkles that you see with your peers and age mates – that is how you know you have been doing the right thing all along.